Belait, situated in the southeast of Brunei on Borneo Island in Southeast Asia, is the country’s largest district in terms of area and second most populous, with around 75,000 inhabitants.
It is renowned for its oil and gas sector, which serves as the primary source of revenue for the country, and houses the country’s sole refinery and numerous oil and gas corporations.
Apart from its industrial pursuits, Belait also boasts various tourist spots, including the Luagan Lalak Forest Recreation Park, a nature reserve with a lake that is ideal for bird-watching, picnicking, and photographing. The Sungai Liang Forest Reserve is another favorite among tourists, with numerous trails, waterfalls, and campsites.
Belait’s cultural and traditional significance is steeped in history, with several museums and cultural centers that celebrate its heritage. Among them, the Belait District Museum stands out, with displays on the district’s past, including the indigenous Iban and Tutong peoples.